Salem Presbyterian Church
Thursday, July 19, 2018
Connecting, Supporting, Exploring Faith Together


Rev. Beth Walden-Fisher, Pastor
Reverend Beth Walden-Fisher became our pastor at Salem Presbyterian Church on August 1, 2011. She has two children, twins Rachel and Emory. 

Just prior to coming to Salem Presbyterian, Beth served as interim pastor at Hanover Presbyterian Church in Hanover, Indiana. She also serves on the Committee on Ministry (COM).

Beth had received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Abilene Christian University in Texas and then a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Texas State University. She said the call to become a pastor was latent in her, that she had ignored it for years and years but that she had an Aha! moment when she saw a woman get up and preach. Beth could ignore her calling no longer. She enrolled in Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and received her Master’s of Divinity degree in 1998.

In Beth’s view, Presbyterian churches are often best-kept secrets. But “we all long for some sort of connection with God and our neighbor, and to have meaning. I think people are seeking but don’t always know where to go.”

Please see the Pastor's Page for more about Beth. Please see the Sermons page for recent recordings of Beth's sermons.
Trina Brown, Choir Director and Congregational Music Leader
Trina and her husband Wendell began attending Salem Presbyterian in November 2007. They immediately felt at home upon their first visit, and directly after the worship service Trina was recruited to sing in the choir.
Following the departure of long-time Choir Director Doug McKinley, Trina was found to be an excellent match for the church's needs. She was offered the position and started her service in that role in September 2013. Trina is overjoyed to be a part of Salem Presbyterian and even more so to be a part of the choir. Trina feels that music is a critical part of worship, that it should inspire and engage, and she is honored to lead the congregation in song.
Please see our Music Ministry page for more about our music program at Salem Presbyterian Church, and our Choir page for more about our choir.
Connie Kenninger, Organist / Pianist
Donna Woodward, Custodian