Salem Presbyterian Church
Monday, November 28, 2022
Connecting, Supporting, Exploring Faith Together

Member Max Bedwell

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Photo courtesy of Vickie Saewert.
As a child, Max looked up to his grandfather who encouraged him to seek God.  It wasn’t until high school that Max was introduced to a Presbyterian church where there were youth activities and studies which helped mold him into a Christian young man.  After college, Max moved to Salem with his wife and two children for a teaching job at Salem High School. They hadn’t been in town long when Pastor Shafer knocked on their door and invited the family to attend the local Presbyterian church. Max has been part of the Salem Presbyterian Church since then, serving many roles in the church.

Over the many years there have been good times, bad times, and some pretty rough times. Losing his first wife to breast cancer was a very dark time in his life, but the love and support that he received from the SPC was what kept him going.

Max later married Jeanne Shafer Apple, a long-time member of SPC, and they love the way our church allows them to worship our God together, while still respecting the beliefs of others.

Having worked with Salem’s youth for 36 years, as a teacher, coach, and then as principal of Salem High School, one of the things that inspires Max now is the vitality of Youth. The Presbyterian Church gives its members the opportunity to serve in so many different areas. Being able to serve on the Board at Camp Pyoca is a huge joy in Max’s life. “We as adults need to help to prepare the way for the youth. They need Inspiration, Leadership and Hope to be able to take over some day.  Camp Pyoca provides that opportunity.”

Max dreams with many of us that the church will start attracting the youth of today. His great-granddaughter Addison wrote for the offering plate one Sunday, “This is My Church.” That’s Hope. And after all, Hope is what we end up with.
- Excerpted from an interview by Vickie Saewert for the March 2011 church newsletter.