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Thursday, October 21, 2021
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The Birthday Dress

 by Mrs. Betty Stanley

      Alice McGinnis wearing the dress.
On July 4th, 1976, the citizens of The United States of America celebrated our country's 200th birthday.  In each of the fifty states, there were parades, pageants, balls, art contests, singing, dancing, and numerous other experiences for old and young to participate in.  

Salem, Indiana, was one of many small towns that created many exciting events for everyone to take part in.  Mrs. Virginia Nelson wore a pioneer dress made by a local dressmaker to many of the bicentennial events.

Some years later, Mrs. Nelson passed on this special  dress to Mrs. Alice McGinnis.  Alice wore the dress to many of the Old Settlers Days activities until recently when she passed the dress on to Mrs. Betty Stanley.  Mrs. Stanley recently wore the dress as part of her presentation to the Woman's Evening Study Club on Salem and Washington County Indiana history in order to continue celebrating Salem and Washington County's 200th birthday.

The plan is for Mrs. Stanley to continue to wear this special dress to historical events in the future  to honor both Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. McGinnis.  The dress will also have a place of honor for Presbyterians in Salem as the three ladies are members of the Salem Presbyterian Church.

The story of the birthday dress will continue in the future and Mrs. Stanley hopes to wear it to birthday functions in 2017 when Salem Presbyterian Church will celebrate its 200th birthday on August 17th.